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Ok, well maybe I didn’t arrive in London flying through the air holding an umbrella (that’s probably a good thing with all that’s going on with Syria), but I did secure a job this week as an au pair! The father is from England and the mother is from Ireland with two children, a boy who’s 11, and a girl who’s 8. We went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant, then walked around the O2; we had a wonderful time! To say I’m happy to have secured a home and income in one shot is a massive understatement, especially after all my cash was stolen at the first hostel I stayed at. All I can say is, pay your tithing, pray a LOT, and trust Heavenly Father will keep you. He knows you personally, loves you, and ONLY wants you to be happily successful in life and then return home – this I KNOW to be true. Absolutely.

Yesterday marks my third week here in jolly ole London; where has the time gone?! I truly feel as if it were just a few days ago I was at the airport with my roommates fighting with the airline and travel companies. I can’t say enough how much I miss them (my roommates, not the companies!) and how I wish they could be here with me. I am so very grateful for social media which allows me to talk to them every day (or try with the 7 hour time difference) and still be a part of each other’s lives. I feel the same way with my other friends, but for the first time in my life my roommates became family and our house was a home. If you know anything about my childhood/life then you’ll realize just how special that is. If you don’t know, stick around for a bit. I’m sure it’ll all come out. (don’t say you haven’t been warned lol)

Best Roomies Ever

I think now is a good time to spill one of London’s secrets. What could it be, you may ask? Well, here, I’ll gladly tell you – London is synonymous with StairMaster. That’s right, ladies and gents, you read that correctly. Since most of the buildings in this city are older than Father Christmas himself, most of them don’t have lifts (aka elevator). This typically wouldn’t be much more than a nuisance, however, when you’re lugging around 98.9 % of all your worldly belongings this becomes quite the challenge. Especially if you have back issues. On the plus side, since I also have to walk a lot to get basically anywhere, I’m able to tone and lose weight at the same time. And all without a gym membership! 

Well, and perhaps there is another reason I’ve lost so much weight in such a short amount of time (no, it isn’t stress). To be honest, and I know I’m probably going to offend some Brits on this one, but England food is horrible, particularly if you come from the South where flavor is essential. Paula Dean doesn’t fry and put multiple sticks of real butter in everything cause she’s trying to make America fatter. The second I move in with the family I’ll be working for I can promise you the first thing I’m making is buttermilk biscuits – WITH gravy! I also miss cheese blends, like Mexican and colbyjack and pizza. Ok, I better stop. I can feel my taste buds starting to tear up.



Don’t get me wrong, though, and think I’m dissin’ London cause this is actually a really cool place to be! You can’t help but experience and be a part of history no matter where you go. I was walking to my hostel last week and looked up to see I was actually on Green Street – as in Green Street Hooligans. (It’s actually a really violent movie where Frodo plays football and fights a LOT) I pass Baker Street all the time riding the Tube, and I just walk around corners and there’s the London Eye. It’s pretty phenomenal to have the opportunity to see and experience all of this. I hope I don’t waste a moment while I’m here and I’m so happy to have you along for the ride!



Let’s see what happens this week – I’m sure it’ll be exciting! I’m moving in with the family (and getting out of hostels; thank goodness cause there’s only so much room sharing this only child can take!), it’s General Conference and the General Relief Society broadcasts, and we’ll see what other surprises will pop up. Oh, and for those who aren’t familiar with the General Conference or General Relief Society broadcasts I urge you to head on over to http://www.mormon.org and check them out! The RS broadcast will be at 6 pm mountain standard time, and GC will be the first weekend in October, both Saturday and Sunday, at 10 am and 3 pm, also mountain standard time. I promise you won’t regret it! Until we meet again, chim-chim-chree, y’all!

I saw this on my way to an interview and knew everything would be ok!

I saw this on my way to an interview and knew everything would be ok!